Personal & Couples Coaching

My goal is to empower you to feel 'in charge' of all the money you bring in. 

We'll work together

My job is to be there with you while you face your financial picture head-on. My goal is to empower you to utilize the money you earn to create a life that you’re excited about and that’s in line with your values wherever possible. The reality is that most Americans are stressed about their finances, and even those who earn good money are often not sure where it all goes. Whether you have stubborn debts, less savings than you'd like, or goals you aren't sure how to fund, I promise to provide an accepting, open and creative atmosphere for you to get on track. 

You'll come out with a clear understanding of how to: 

  • Prioritize debt payments for student loans, credit cards or lines of credit

  • Save for home ownership, travel, weddings or other large goals

  • Incorporate what’s most important to you into your spending plan

  • Streamline your accounts and money flow to create ease

  • Budget for inevitable but often forgotten expenses

  • Save toward retirement

  • Create a sustainable monthly spending plan that includes all of the above

How it works

At our first meeting you'll come prepared with the info we need to compile your financial picture. I will get a strong sense of your goals and values, and together we will use these to create your customized spending plan. The crux of our work is designing a fool-proof way to stay within your discretionary spending each month, which includes the 'true expenses' of your life- travel, visits home, gifts, and long-term goals. 

A great tool for couples

Do you and your partner share some or all of your money? Have you completely merged finances but would like some guidance on creating systems to achieve your shared goals? I've been there and would love to work with you. *I do require couples to attend my Trailhead Session together, as long as they share some or all of their finances. Those enrolled in longer-term coaching with me can sometimes attend individually. 

Life transitions 

After divorce the transition to living on a single-income after experiencing the comforts and security of a dual-earning household can be difficult. Let's help you master your money and create an empowering system for moving forward. 

I also work with couples who are (amicably) divorcing or breaking up, and want an unbiased coach to help them untangle and separate their finances. 

Emily was incredibly warm, welcoming and practical! My husband and I came to her looking to organize our joint bank account and do some future planning/get a read on our current situation. Her advice was sustainable, functional, and down to earth. Emily helped us not only organize with an amazing app called YNAB, but also helped us to map out our future financial plans so that we could start really saving our money for the things we wanted. She was able to set us up with a monthly plan that worked in our budget and gave us friendly recommendations on where to get our taxes done/how to save money in specific places. We’ve already saved a lot of money using her advice! We will will definitely be using her services again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly, down to earth person to talk the money talk with.
— Gabby R.
“Thanks for checking in. Things on the money front have been great! I’ve had a verrry lean last couple months because I haven’t gotten my freelance check yet, which makes me even happier to say that it’s going well. I’ve been paying my statement balance on my credit card every month, not accruing interest, set up a Vanguard Target Retirement Account, and I officially have “excellent” credit—my Alaska card even gave me a 2,000 credit increase (not that I need it!) Honestly, it feels so good to be consumer-debt free for the first time in my life. Even when you don’t have a lot of money, knowing where it all is and what it’s all up to feels great. And it mentally frees you to splurge on a yoga retreat and not feel bad about it! “
— -Sarah
Emily is a kind, knowledgable guide that has helped me to understand the flow of money in my life. Enormously helpful and absolutely worth it for my family’s wellbeing. I feel more and more confident through our work together!
— Lisa
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