Helping individuals, couples, and service-based businesses confidently manage their money

  Mount Whitney, California

Mount Whitney, California


My job is to be there with you while you face your financial picture head-on. The reality is that most Americans are stressed about their finances, and even those who earn good money are often not sure where it all goes. Whether you have stubborn debts, less savings than you'd like, or goals you aren't sure how to fund, I promise to provide an accepting, open and creative atmosphere for you to get on track. 

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A little knowledge goes a long way in relieving anxiety when it comes to business finances. While learning how to sustainably manage your personal money, small business owners can apply those same skills to their practice.

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I love demystifying money and replacing the shame and blame so many feel around finances into empowerment and creativity.

For most people managing their money is either anxiety-inducing, coma-inducing, or both. Let's take the stress out of managing your money and add some ease and even fun into the equation. I love to think outside the box with personal finance and make what can be an intimidating topic relatable and tangible. I believe creativity and money can co-exist, and that spirituality and money are not mutually exclusive.


I’m on a mission to help people who know what they want figure out how to get there.  

Do you want to be debt-free? Buy a home? Retire? I'd love to hear what your goals are and help you to reach them. 

“One of Emily’s greatest gifts as a Financial Coach is her ability to be practical, logical and mathematical while simultaneously also being caring and compassionate. She is authentic, direct, sincere, kind and honest around the complex topic of money and whatever it may bring up for her clients. I highly recommend working with her!”
— Michael S, Portland
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