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  • New to Square credit card processing? $30 processing credit if you sign up here
    (This one benefits me too, not gonna lie)

  • I just switched to and love Acuity for an affordable, customizable online scheduler.

  • Tip- If you use a Squarespace business plan for your website, you get Acuity scheduling for free!

Portland-based non-profit Financial services

General Financial Resources 


Financial Tools and Calculators

  • Life Energy Calculator by Your Money or Your Life. How much do you actually make per hour once you factor in the demands of your job?

  • Mortgage payment calculator. Make sure to put in current interest rates, property taxes for the area you’re buying in, and accurate insurance & down payment info.

  • Mortgage affordability calculator Warning!! This calc does not take maintenance costs into account. I recommend factoring in at least $200/month off what they say you can afford to save toward maintenance, or else how will you fund that new roof or heating system when they need replacing?

Good reads about money

Check your library!

  • Your Money or Your Life (my all-time favorite and ongoing inspiration)

  • Wild Money

  • Your Are a Badass at Making Money

  • The Soul of Money

  • The Money Book for Freelancers…

  • Personal Finance textbook. No joke, a great reference for those committed DIY'ers.

  • Worth It

  • Overcoming Under-earning

  • Your Money and Your Brain

  • The One Page Financial Plan

  • The Thin Green Line

  • Affluence Intelligence

  • National Consumer Law Center Guide to Surviving Debt- for those of you who feel over-indebted and considering bankruptcy, this is the resource for you.

  • Picture Your Prosperity

  • Simple Numbers

  • Conscious Capitalism

reads on retirement


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